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Plastic surgery

Úvod Plastic surgery

We have been performing plastic surgery in Brno for more than fifteen years. Our goal has always been the client's satisfaction with the result of the procedure. The success and quality of the plastic surgery procedures we have performed is certainly evidenced by the large number of clients who have sought us out and used our services at the Clinic of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Berkova and at the Brno Bohunice Hospital.

MUDr. Šárka Stiborová always takes an individual approach to solving the specific requirements of her clients. She offers a full spectrum of cosmetic surgeries, including minimally invasive procedures. You can make an appointment for a consultation and a follow-up procedure if you are considering, for example, facial plastic surgery, breast enhancement, genital surgery, plastic surgery of the torso and limbs or even minor cosmetic surgeries and procedures.

Thanks to the aesthetic procedures you can undergo with us, you will be impressed by your perfect appearance. We will help you to rejuvenate, firm, shape or otherwise improve. Put yourself in the experienced hands of a plastic surgeon.

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