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Forheadlift - plastic surgery of eyebrow drop

A more youthful appearance of the face as a whole also depends on the appearance of the forehead. This is where horizontal wrinkles begin to appear with age and become more and more pronounced. Also, the eyebrows begin to droop, and the face takes on a frowning and tired appearance.

Forheadlift - forehead wrinkle and sagging brow surgery will rid you of the frown and tired look. In forehead wrinkle surgery - foreheadlift - we aim to remove horizontal wrinkles, as well as the wrinkle at the root of the nose and lift the brow - browlift, giving the face back a more youthful appearance.

Many procedures are recommended to correct wrinkles and sagging eyebrows, the ideal method will be discussed with you during your consultation.

Surgery procedure

The minimally invasive fiber correction is performed under local anesthesia, the procedure takes approximately 30 minutes. After disinfecting the surgical field, local anaesthetic is injected and then thin fibres are inserted subcutaneously with a fine needle to provide brow or forehead lift.

Foreheadlift and browlift - the operation is performed under general anaesthesia, the incisions are in the hairline of the head. The operation takes about 2 hours. During the operation, the skin of the forehead is prepped in depth, the skin is tightened, the facial muscles are relaxed and the appearance of the forehead is improved. The skin incisions are then sutured with non-absorbable sutures or titanium clips and the head is bandaged with a soft bandage.

Postoperative course

After the minimally invasive correction, small hematomas may occur, and the pain is usually only mild. One day after surgery, it is advisable to rest, talk little and engage the facial and masticatory muscles little, eat a sparing semi-liquid diet. It is not advisable to massage the face, remove any creams and make-up very gently.

After foreheadlift and browlift surgery, the length of hospitalization is about 1-2days. On the first day, we perform a dressing, remove the marrow, change the covering and reapply an elastic bandage. After 5 days, the head can be washed, and the sutures are removed in about 10 days.


Complications of forehead and brow surgery are usually minor. Haematomas may occur, which will manifest as pain and tension around the incisions. Another possible complication is injury to the nerves of the forehead, with temporary or permanent loss of sensation in a particular area of the forehead. Infectious complications are rare due to good blood supply to the operated area.

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