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Breast augmentation

This operation is suitable for women who wish to increase their breast size, who want to enhance their charms, for women who have reduced their breasts after breastfeeding or weight reduction.

Before surgery, each woman must be examined by a mammologist and have a breast ultrasound or mammogram.

During surgery, the breasts are enlarged using silicone implants. We use silicone implants either drop-shaped (anatomical) or round implants with a low or high profile. The implant can be placed under the pectoral muscle or under the mammary gland, the choice depends on the quality and size of the gland, muscle, skin and subcutaneous tissue. The implant is inserted in three ways: from the breast areola, from the breast crease or from the armpit. During the pre-operative consultation, it is essential that you thoroughly discuss your ideas about breast size and shape with the surgeon and match your wishes with the surgeon's realistic options and opinion.

The course of the operation

Before the surgery, the client must not eat, drink or smoke for at least 6 hours.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 1-2 hours. The skin incision is guided by appointment from the breast areola, submental furrow or armpit. The placement of round implants is most often under the pectoral muscle, anatomical implants are placed with the upper part under the muscle and the lower part under the gland. Skin incisions are usually closed with intradermal absorbable sutures, and suction drainage is usually introduced.

Postoperative course

After surgery, pain is controlled with injections and medication, and patients receive antibiotics for 2-4 days to prevent infection. The hospital stay is about 2-4 days. The drains are removed most often on the 1st-2nd postoperative day.

After the operation, it is necessary to wear special elastic underwear (bra), which has a major impact on the overall outcome of the operation. If round implants are used, an elastic band is also needed at the upper edge of the implant to prevent upward displacement.

Elastic underwear must be worn for a minimum of 4-8 weeks.

With anatomical implants, a special elastic bra must be worn to prevent the implant from sliding down and outwards and rotating. The bra must be worn 24 hours a day for about 3 weeks.

After the wounds around the breasts have healed, it is necessary to take care of the scars, lubricate them, perform pressure massages and protect the scars from sunlight for at least 3 months.


The most common early complications include wound infection, wound separation, bleeding, hematomas, nerve and blood vessel injuries can lead to decreased sensation in the breast and especially the nipple, and blood flow disorders can lead to impaired wound healing and tissue death. With these acute complications, reoperation is often indicated and prolonged wound healing follows.

Serious risks of all surgical procedures include the risk of venous thrombosis and possibly subsequent pulmonary embolism, the incidence of which is directly proportional to associated diseases and the age of the patient. You will be specifically instructed by the anaesthetist about the risks of general anaesthesia.

Late complications include excessive scarring around the implants, which can lead to breast deformity. It can occur several years after surgery. Other late complications include infection inside the breast, impaired ability to breastfeed, feeling the presence of a foreign body, and implant rupture. Every surgical procedure leaves a scar. This will mature according to the individual's healing process (determined by heredity), it takes approximately 1 year for the scar to mature. In the operated area, periodically, sensitivity is disturbed when small cutaneous nerves are severed. The return of sensitivity takes a longer time, even 1 year, and may not be 100% depending on the nature of the procedure. In addition to the listed complications, other complications may occur that are completely unexpected.

Price list

Procedure Specification Price

Round implants from 85 000 CZK
Anatomical implants from 100 000 CZK
Replacement of implants from 74 000 CZK

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