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Breast modelling

As we age, the breasts also change, losing their firmness and shape and beginning to sag. These changes occur due to gravity and other factors - such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, loss of skin elasticity. When the breasts are sagging, the shape of the breasts can be temporarily improved by surgery - mastopexy - or breast modelling. In this surgery, we do not affect the size of the breasts, we can lift and shape sagging (ptotic) breasts. If you want your breasts to be larger and fuller, this surgery can be combined with augmentation (insertion of a breast implant), if you want smaller breasts, we combine this surgery with breast reduction surgery.

Modelace prsou

Ideal patients for this type of surgery are women with small pendulous breasts, women who are non-smokers, with realistic expectations of the result. Women who have lost breast fullness after breastfeeding or significant weight loss and the breasts are sagging, the nipple is below the level of the bra crease and pointing downward, and sometimes the areola may be enlarged.

We use several surgical techniques for breast reshaping, the most appropriate technique depends on the size and shape of the breasts, the size and location of the areolae and nipples, the degree of breast sagging and the quality and amount of excess skin on the breast.

There are 3 different options for skin incisions:

The incisions are chosen so that the subsequent scars can be hidden by underwear.

The choice of the most appropriate surgical technique will be discussed with you at your pre-operative consultation.

The course of the operation

The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia during hospitalisation, the length of hospital stay is 1-2 days.

Before the operation, the surgeon will first make a sketch on the skin in the ward, then you will go to the operating room. The operation takes approximately 2-3 hours. During the operation, excess skin is removed, the larger breast areolae are reduced if necessary, and the breasts are lifted and sculpted to the desired shape. At the end of the operation, suction drains are inserted and the incisions are closed with absorbable sutures. The breasts are bandaged with an elastic bandage.

Postoperative procedure

After surgery, you will have pain at the incision site for several days, you will be tired, your breasts will be swollen with small subcutaneous hematomas. After the procedure, the pain will be controlled with injections, pills, and you will be given antibiotics for several days to prevent infection. At the first dressing we will change the sterile covering, if there is any small waste in the drains we will remove them, and put on a modelling bra. We recommend wearing this for as long as possible, at least 6 weeks. The wounds are sutured with absorbable sutures, and their remains are removed about 2 weeks after the operation. If healing is uneventful, it is possible to go back to work in about 1–2 weeks. Heavier physical activity and sports are recommended in about 6 weeks.


Risks associated with general anaesthesia - allergic to toxic reaction to the anaesthetic drugs administered, deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications. Risks specific to mastopexy bleeding or haematoma, post-operative wound infection, poor healing of skin incisions, possibility of wound breakdown with partial loss of skin cover or partial necrosis ( necrosis) of the nipple and areola, fat necrosis in the breast manifested as a firm mnatal nodule, changes in nipple sensitivity which may be temporary or permanent, asymmetry of the nipple.

Procedure Price
Modelling with augmentation from 105 000 CZK

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